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Solar thermal -> Solar collector -> Balcony Wall Hanging Type Flat Plate Solar Collector
  • Name of commodity: Balcony Wall Hanging Type Flat Plate Solar Collector
  • Commodity Numbers: 91
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Product features
•Cover glass
Low iron wove tempered glass, high transmissivity and low emissivity, high-low temperature resistance and hail prevention, sturdy and durable, longer service life.
•Abosorber plate coating
Endothermic black chrome plate coating, high absorptivity and low emissivity ,at the bottom nickel plating layer is added to increase adhesion of the coating .
•Red copper flow
Red copper flow, φ22 header and φ10 pipe of appropriate space and diameter, better heat transfer performance .
•Insulating layer
Glass fiber cotton, perfect heat preservation and less radiation loss.
6063-T5 Aluminum alloy frame has longer service life, with corrosion resistance and elegant shapenment.


Parameter table


Technical parameter

Type Balcony wall hanging type
Company model DB-YTPB/0.6-2.0-1
National standard model P-G/0.6-L/YH-2.0-1
Specification 2450*800*80mm
Total area(㎡) 2.0
Structure Tube plate type(palisade arrangement)
Calandrias (horizontal arrangement)
Max working pressureMpa) 0.6
Thermal efficiencyη0  0.75
Heat loss coefficienta1) a16.0w/.k 
Packing size(mm) 2500*830*120
WeightKg) 36
Core board Heat absorption plate coating Anodic oxidation
Welding way Ultrasound (or blow bite)
Absorption rate% 0.95±0.2 
Emission rate% 0.11±0.2
Heat absorption plate material Whole aluminum plate /0.4mm
Collect pipe         TP2/φ22 ×δ0.6mm 
Exhaust pipe          TP2/  φ10× δ0.5mm 
Frame Frame material Aluminium alloy (surface oxidation treatment)
Thickness of frame  1.2mm
Color of frame Matte black/silver/bronze
Sealing EPDM
Cover plate Cover plate material Low iron cloth marks tempered glass/3.2mm
Cover plate light transmittance 91%
Back plate Back plate material 0.50mm galvanized color steel plate
Thermal insulation layer Bottom thermal insulation materials 30mm/24K Glass fiber cotton
Side thermal insulation material 25mm/48K Glass fiber cotton
Packaging Double corrugated/full package
Advice with water capacity 100L/pc
Remark Border color/packaging/label brand is reflected on the order