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Thailand company visits our company

Date:2015-8-17 16:24
On August 15, 2015, our Thailand customer Mr. Apichat come to visit our company by knowing more information about our hot water tanks and wanting to cooperated with our company.Our company general manager Zheng Zaixing, vice minister of the sales department Chen Qing,the engineer zhao Zhi,GanHua took part in this reception.
The Thailand company is a top heat pump engineering company in native, Mr. Apichat is technique manager.Their customers covers the whole Thailand and Southeast Asian countries.The purpose of their visit is inspect our company strength and make a deep communication before they put our tanks into their Thailand market.We also discussed the corrosion problems and our Donper solutions.Mr Apichat visited our products experience centre, Mr.Apichat have a more comprehensive understanding to our series of products.
Because of this visiting, Mr.Apichat gave the full affirmation on our technical strength and production capacity,and hope that we can provide products and technical support; At the same time, we hope we can have further communication about products,finally reach a mutually beneficial and win-win situation and lay the foundation for our company develops the Thailand market.

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