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Donper Went to Aimin Company to Study Drying Project of Machine Material

Date:2015-8-5 16:22
On August 3, 2015, After receiving the invitation of wuhan Aimin pharmaceutical co., LTD., our sales department, technical department and engineering and technical personnel visited Ezhou Gedian, discussing the medicinal materials drying project, their director had a warm reception to us.
Wuhan Aimin pharmaceutical co., LTD., founded in 1969, formerly known as the subordinate company of Chinese people's liberation army air force radar institute Wuhan Aimin pharmaceutical factory. This company is a hi-tech enterprise that integrated research and development, production, sales together.It is a key support listed companies in Hubei province to do reserve listed companies.
Came to their company, our company personnel and aimin pharmaceutical companies carried on a communication about exchange of manufacturing technique, equipment requirements, etc. In the guide of their director, our company staff visited the company medicinal materials production workshop. According to their minister Guan’s introduction,the company drying herbs material 2 tons every day, because the  coal-fired boiler need energy consumption greatly,so the traditional coal-fired boiler drying is going to be eliminated. Donper, as a state-owned listed companies, has a solid economic and technological strength, hope that two company can reach a cooperation, which can promote the development of domestic enterprises. 

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