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Hubei United Investment Group ask for Cooperation with Our Donper Company

Date:2015-8-8 16:21
On August 7, 2015, After the invitation from Hubei United Investment Group(UIG), our technical engineers Chenghui and Lijin, sales manager hu Xishun along three people to visit their company and have a project communication with each other.
The purpose of UIG’s invitation is for the reconstruction project by using photovoltaic system to generate electricity.When our company workmates reached their company, our company was warmly welcomed by their company engineer Liu Zhijun.Engineer Liu introduced to us: First they want to reconstruct the Qinglong Toll Station by building PV system and change the street light to solar street light, and then expand to other toll stations.Manager Hu also tell the policy and allowance about PV in Hubei, Engineer Liu is very happy to make an elementary agreement about our two companies’ cooperation. 
Later then,technique Li and cheng made a survey to Qinglong toll station,the place is very suitable to build PV station.We also get the information that the volume of switching room is 800KVA, electricity consumption is 30,000-70,000KWH per month.In the middle of August, we got the drawing of toll station,we will make a specific scheme and try our best to make a agreement.

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