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Australia 15 Tons Solar+ Air Source Heat Pump Hot Water Project is Completed

Date:2015-6-1 13:35

Australia Jamberoo Resort Hotel 15 tons solar+air source heat pump hot water project constructed by our company is completed and operates smoothly.

Australia Jamberoo Resort Hotel is a four-star hotel invested by YZF with 45 rooms. It needs 15 tons hot water per day. The project combines solar and air source heat pump. Flat plate solar collectors, double tanks forced circulation, the solar can heat automatically. When there is no sun, 2 air source heat pumps can ensure 55℃ hot water. The system can change frequency and realize pressure up to offer hot water for 24 hours, making a comfortable bathing experience. The system saves 70% than normal energy. The project also solves the problem of installing flat plate collector on slope roof, which makes the installation of flat plate easier and more convenient.

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