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China Solar Thermal Companies Gathered in Wuhan Forum for Development

Date:2015-6-9 10:03

June, 6th, China Solar Thermal Industry Develop Trends Discussion and New Technology, New Product Promotion and Solar Thermal Combined with Buildings Forum was held in Wuhan city. Huangshi Dongbei, as the largest solar company in Hubei province, was invited to the forum.

The theme of the forum is “To lead the trend, to be innovative and to win the future”. This is what Donper believes: to promote innovation products and to size the commanding height of market. Since 2011, Donper has strategic adjustment, paying more attention to R&D solar energy-saving and low carbon products. Inherit half a century manufacture genes and management experience and constant innovation, for last three years, Donper has got 32 patents, including 3 invention patent, and the patent numbers reach to 62 till now. In 2014, Donper initiates the “9+1” heat pump plus solar central heating in China, the system has 4 patent technology in anti-corrosion, inner heat exhanger, multi-energy and reticulation distribution. End users can use mobile phones to control the system freely. The system can both ensure hot water and house heating and realize smart control, Internet +, multiple heat exchange hot water tank, 3 core technology breakthroughs. With the building of energy-saving and environmental protection society and the haze control, Donper 9+1 heat pump plus solar heating will have opportunities to develop.

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