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Indonesia Partner Seeks for Another Cooperation in Our Company

Date:2015-4-20 09:59

April, 2015, Mr.Guo and Mr.Zhou of Indonesia Ariane Solar Water Heater came to our company for the second time. The propose of their visiting is for heat pump tanks cooperation.


GM Mr.Zheng warmly welcomed Mr.Guo and Mr.Zhou. Mr.Zheng showed sincere thanks to old friends and introduced our company culture, pressure hot water tanks and R&D strength. Mr.Guo also expressed the hot water tank market in Indonesia. We had a communication on technical parameters, technique and cooperation mode. Mr.Guo said that he is very confident in our products and he said the solar energy in Indonesia is resourceful, good to develop solar products, so he will enlarge the promotion of solar products in Indonesia.
The visiting promotes friendship and lays a good foundation for future cooperation.


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