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Donper: Developing depends on innovation Exclusive interview of “Heating and cooling”

Date:2015-6-20 09:56

Innovation-driven and quality efficiency will never be outdated, try hard to move towards middle and high point of industry, turned crisis to opportunities, then we can take over commanding height of market competition.   

                                                                                           ——Zheng Zaixing(The general manager of Donper Solar)


Donper: Developing depends on innovation
Exclusive interview of “Heating and cooling”
“On one hand, a lot of people complains that the housing price increasing sharply, on the other hand , the new flats were ran out very soon all the same; All of us faced to the economic downward pressure, but still there are some companies tenacious survival and profitable” said by Zheng Zaixing, the general manager of Huangshi Dongbei Mech-Electrical Group Solar Energy Co., Ltd( Hereinafter referred to as “Donper Solar”), what is called several joy several sorrow, we have a lot of questions need to thinking about. A company cannot just life for survival, some middle and small-sized companies gone bankrupt, but some can explore the vitality and flourishing.
When is the value? The situation of global total demand’s decreasing is very difficult to change, and companies are very difficult to get through this situation. At this time, stimulated by several marketing tools are just for a moment. How to get through the troubles, turned the crisis to opportunities, the most important way is innovation, and adjust the structure. The survive of company depends on the active adaptive capacity. Innovation-driven and quality efficiency,  try hard to move towards middle and high point of industry, you will not be the first one obsoleted .
Product: With the diverse development of related industry, giant companies join together or company self develop to set foot in more related industry is not rare. Donper Solar, as a solar product manufacturer, now attending the Beijing ISH Exhibition. “9+1” heat pump+solar central heating is whole brand-new and is popular among customers. Heat radiation comes from floor, heat is fulled absorbed by people. New floor heat radiation, low temperature hot water circulation, energy-saving and environmental protection. Mr. Zheng Zaixing says: “related industry develops very well, we market solar heating, pressurized hot water tank, heat pump heating and PV power project, every year, we have good achievements.”
The early development of solar industry benefits from small cities, but when the Home Appliance Going to Countryside Policy ends, the development weakens. For the diverse development of company, Mr.Zheng Zaixing analyzes Donper’s direction: “since 2011, we made a strategic adjustment and pay more attention to R&D and innovation. For years, we have achieved 62 patents, including 2 Invention patents, 49 Utility Model patents and 11 Industrial Design patents. We inherit Donper ‘s half a century management technology and manufacture genes, combining self strength and customers’ needs to produce perfect products closer to customers.”
Quality: Facts speak louder than words . The discussion on merits and flaws of enamel and stainless steel water tanks continues. Stainless steel water tank’s poor ability of suffering pressure and anti-corrosion influences the industry so badly. But this is going to change. Mr. Zheng Zaixing said: “You won’t find those flaws in our tanks.” “We’ll get rid of the welding scale after the whole welding process finished, then we’re going to remove oxydic surface on it. After all these have done, we would like to passivate the surface by adding sluggish element on it in order to make it strong enough to suffer from corrosion.” Mr. Zheng continues. “some manufacturers ignored scale behind the welding process, water corrodes the tank gradually due to unstable enamel powders falling down when consumers using it.” Zheng added. “High quality of Huangshi Donbei’s water tank is disputable. We have patent so called anti-corrosion wall, it is little known as Donbei core. Our products enjoy a 0 rate of depot repair, this is the best evidence.” Zheng spoke with confidence. 
Competition: One swallow does not make a spring “ the market could not be captured by the one production,or the one brand, but a flourishing market with orderly competition. The one alone could not satisfy all the customers,even not make healthy development in the pressure water tank industry.”says of the competition, Zheng Zaixing acted confident.
Developing the whole industry by the orderly competition, but relying on the illegal ticks,the cheap price, deceptive marketing practice etc.,will hurt the quality and threaten the market.A healthy developing company who is glad to accept the the orderly competition in the industry.As the sun and moon in the heavens,and the rivers flowing across the land -- eternally unchangeable. Donper Solar based on “ Create low carbon, advocate two types of society, service for all people”, vigorously develop the Solar PV, thermal production, and “ depending on customers’ demand, loyal to customers’ satisfaction.”as the management mind, deeper into the earth in winter, and the more beautiful flowers would bloom in spring!

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