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Took part in QC group results press conference and harvest

Date:2015-4-18 09:25

On April 17, 2015, in Donper group press release Donper issued 5 QC QC results of awards. 2 first prize, 2second prize, 1 third prize .
On April 17, 2015, Donper of QC group's annual results press conference held in the training room, Gold Hill industrial park, 22 teams from the Group's companies participating in the event. Our company sent 4 teams in a QA organization 5 QC achievements to participate in the Conference.  After fierce competition, ultimately our 5 QC published results of an award-winning, namely: solar Assembly shop to the improve the balcony wall-pressurized tank foam and the pass rate increased from two results obtained the first prize of the welding liner rate; Technology Development Department of the lower controller DB-K series water tank Assembly time, quality assurance Department the two improved strip quality achievement received second prize; QC of the shortened testing time of the IR receiver received third prize.
The results obtained are the result of company leaders paying attention to, full participation in quality management are our employees flexibility in the use of statistical tools in practical work and the embodiment of the PDCA approached to problem solving, would further stimulate the enthusiasm of employees involved in QC group activity and promoting company product quality and comprehensive manner.

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